Friendly Tire Testimonials

The people here are ALWAYS friendly and they have good prices. sometimes, they may not have the exact tires that you may need, but they wil either find you something close to i that will work or they can order something for you for a still reasonable price. Please also understand that the tires aren't always new, but they are retreaded if they aren't and they work just as well in my past experience. i normally wouldn't write a review but these guys and the service is quick,reasonable and totally awesome!
A girl who likes her cars

The staff at Friendly Tire were a nice bunch of guys who did their best to get me in and out as quick as possible. Two even stayed a few minutes late to make sure I could get a tire considering I got a flat on the way home. I would definitely use...
Nancy L.

If you need tires and aren't looking to blow a grand, see Friendly Mike and his minions! Paid half what I would've at most places, and it's done right.. A tip, like at most auto places it pays to pay cash if you can.. I've been coming here for 10 years and never had a problem.
Nelson M.

Friendly mike been serving our family since the 90s!
Michael F.

Been buying from Mike exclusively for over 10 years. It's the kind of hole in the wall in the back of an old industrial park on an industrial street that you'd never find on your own if not for word of mouth or advertising. The fact that the place is always jammed, and mostly with repeat customers speaks to their prices. What he doesn't have, he can get for you and generally at a lot cheaper price Out The Door (and that's the key phrase) than most anyone else despite their ads. Don't be misled by promotional prices at the biggies.

Once you add on the mounting, balancing, various taxes pertaining to tires and disposal fees, that so-called bargain you're getting from Pep Boys or Tire Kingdom has inflated often by 25% or more. What you save at Friendly is well worth the one time inconvenience of location, cramped quarters and having to wait your turn.
Gershwin T.

Lovely, cultured men that provide you with quality, used tires at $25 a piece. And they're FRIENDLY.
Dainy L.

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